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We’re rolling (and racing) today!

The entire team at Image 4 is proud of this one – our first race car conceived  as an Artistic Car!

Does art on a car make the car art? Or is the car art to be enhanced? You be the judge.

Image 4 was asked to conceive, design and produce this exciting, dynamic design for the BMW. This historic, former Turner Motorsports E30M3 race car, is owned by Mig A. Rios.

Mig’s insight, and fearlessness, allowed our designer Amanda Christensen to pursue her artistic muse. Perhaps Mig is so fearless because he, too, is a consummate artist, living his “day job” as founder and Principal of Veloz Media.

The project took about 3 weeks to design. Mig shared his vision and tastes, and Amanda took off from there. The design plays upon the energy and physics involved in race car driving, hinting at the explosion of force radiating from the front driver’s wheel.

After several design refinements, the final art files were created, and our internal graphic production department took over. The design was printed on our Roland Eco-solvent printer using 3M vehicle decal material. The panels were matched, some refinements made in how the graphics were to apply to the vehicle, and our installers fitted it to the BMW in a 2-day blow out in our production facility.

Wrapping any vehicle has its challenges. This one proved a bit more difficult than most. The air deflectors and wings on the car had to be matched into the theme, and the car has many small details that require careful attention. Plus, we all knew how much publicity this car would receive!

The car debuted at the BMW Autumn festival at New Hampshire Motor Speedway on October 21.Thanks to GermanAutoNews, the car already had a following – a teaser had gone out about the project. Crowds were on hand to watch the unveiling.

This BMW is no Trailer Queen! Mig drove the car to Triple first-place finishes in class at the weekend’s races!

Future trips include Sebring and the Daytona Rolex24, where Image 4 will be developing a display pavilion experience.

Be on the lookout and Experience. Space (design).