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The Piece I Loved Most This Month – MAY ’11

Stonyfield Hybrid Truck

This was a great fun project, involving our new graphic design employee, Amanda, and our Stonyfield management team of Emily and myself.

The truck is hybrid powered, and as such will reduce some carbon footprint. Both Stonyfield and Image 4 have carbon-reduction initiatives, and we’re really proud to support Stonyfield, and love that they walk the talk when it comes to environmental sustainability.

- Jennifer Brooks, Account Manager

How to Improve your Visitor’s Pop-up Experience

I read today in the Wall Street Journal here that even “the rich” have changed their buying habits. They are seeking items that are one-of-a-kind or very short run, they are willing to spend more on a high-value experience than on an expensive material good.

Sounds like a recipe for a pop-up retail experience!

A great popup is retail+event. You create rarity and combine it with surprise! And if you’re doing a good job at it, you create the physical presence that allows the buyer to immerse himself/herself in your brand – not only the logo, but the brand values.

Get those same consumers to engage in a social referral – Facebook, tweets, etc – and you’ve got every element of the non-commodity sales event.

So, based on numerous projects we’ve executed, here’s what to focus on:

Communicate and demonstrate value. Deliver the experience, deliver the product that compels customers to tell friends. Look for an emotion: mystery, delight, surprise, astonishment, value. Embed that emotion deeply in your design.

Give them (and you) the Long Tail. Engineer an opportunity for consumers to friend your FB page, enter on your blog, Tweet to their friends what they are doing, and where.

Deliver the Experience.  Hire great staff, hire enough staff, develop a brand environment that speaks to the consumer in his and her language. Be OPEN when the consumer visits!

Create Immersive Space. Think about and design the store layout with the intent of moving customers through the space to the outcome you desire. Stage-manage the consumer at every touch point. If you can’t, hire a designer who can.

Beauty or the Beast? Work the little things – clean entrances, beautiful graphics, delightful merchandise staging, clean restrooms if you have them, effective cashwraps, credit card swipes or mobile cash registers. Make the physical and mental experience delightful.

For help with any or all these things, call us at 603-644-007, or visit with us at Event Marketing Summit in Chicago May 16-19.

Image 4 works with brands and agencies to execute space for their end-users that resonates on all these notes.

Getting it rolling

Here we are at Image 4, finally following our own advice. We’re finally launching our blog.

Welcome to it.

We’re on the way to the Event Marketing Summit in Chicago, starting Monday, May 16.

We will be presenting on how to design and implement Pop-up shops for retailers. Hope the Powerpoint gets done…

If you’re headed there, post up to the blog and tell us what you hear, what’s new, what’s important, and the awards you’ve won. And look us up at our event display. We’ll be there.