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Your Authentic Brand®

Image 4 develops Authentic Brands and delivers Brand Experiences.

We passionately believe that unique, authentic experiences will differentiate your Brand and create Brand Advocates. And Brand Advocates are your salesforce of the future – across platforms, demographics and timezones.

Be Authentic.
Deliver Unique Experiences.
Create Brand Advocates.
Grow Your Institution.

What’s Your Authentic Brand®?

Financial Services Wall Installation
Financial Services
Wheelabrator Workplace Design
Health & Wellness History Wall Installation
Health & Wellness
Academic Environmental Graphics
Retail Environment Design
Event and Exhibit Tradeshow Design
Events & Exhibits
Nonprofit History Wall Design


For nearly 35 years, Image 4 has created and delivered programs and projects designed to create Brand Advocates – those customers who are aligned to, and supportive of your services, products and Brand Culture.

From physical environments designed for Brand Immersion – in banks and credit unions, corporate facilities, retail shops, healthcare facilities and trade show exhibits – to the rapidly growing on-line and on-device world we all are embracing, our award-winning team has the training and experience to bring your Authentic Brand® to life.


To steal a phrase, we’re the Easy button. Your Project Manager and Relationship Manager are your “phone a friend”. If we can’t do it or if we’re not expert, we know a solid partner who can.

From copywriting to CRM data integration, from engineering to installation, we’ve built our client collection by delivering the projects others can’t. Our “no-finger-pointing” approach is designed to help you through your project every step of the way. Got a need, an idea, a “what if”? Bounce it off us in an email or call. We love the challenge of bringing your Brand to life.


“How can we help?”. This phrase starts more conversations with our clients than any other. And if we can’t help, very often we know a solid partner who can.

Image 4 strives to be a valued member of your team. We respect the value of the trusted relationships you have developed and work to blend seamlessly with your all-stars. From discovery meeting to post-project review, our team is your team.

We are happy to work with Agencies of Record, freelance professionals, other architects and interior designers, other creatives and fabricators…whomever on your team you value, we also value to bring their best to the project.