What are a few examples of projects Image 4 has done?

By Jeff Baker, posted on November 10, 2017

Among the amazing, fun and challenging projects we’ve accomplished:

  • We were once asked to make a pig fly…and we did!
  • We designed the interior branding of an international cruise vessel, and installed it while it was underway internationally – for 4 months.
  • We took over an abandoned retail store and turned it into a 25,000 square NFL shop, complete with a 11-on-11, largest Madden game ever played.
  • We reproduced the original Charter Map for the State of New Hampshire – complete with two State Troopers overseeing our work.
  • We successfully launched 24 bank branches with over 12,000 deliverables on the warmest Labor Day weekend on record (ugh!).
  • We photographed and archivally recorded a large portion of the treasure recovered from the Atocha Galleon.
  • What do you have in mind?