Discovering & Delivering Your Authentic Brand®

By Jeff Baker, posted on June 11, 2021

Branding Services that Discover & Deliver Your Authentic Brand®

Inspiring the feelings and memories you want your customers to experience is the magic of brand building with Image 4. I4 has been creating strong brand equity via smart messaging strategies, fine-tuned positioning, and skillful brand management for more than 35 years. We work across a range of markets—including Financial Services, Retail, and Workplace spaces—which allows us to approach your branding challenges with fresh perspective and broad creativity.

Brand Discovery

Image 4 has helped hundreds of clients discover their Authentic Brand. This is the messaging that presents most powerfully to prospects and customers, and determines how your customers “feel” about your company and its products and services. Image 4 collaborates with your team to create a clear roadmap to guide you in your identity development journey, including guidance on naming, positioning, logo design and environmental and graphic design.

Brand Presentation and Engagement

Image 4’s “Design Thinking'' methodology delivers elegant, integrated design solutions for successful brand presentation. In digital and in the real world, Image 4 designers work with your team to create and/or source appropriate images, graphics, content, artifacts, and other assets. They will also determine how sound, video and materials can be woven together to create a unique presentation of your business.

Brand building is as much about your story as it is about presentation. Image 4’s creative writers and editors tell your story through clear and consistent messaging whether in the virtual or the physical world. This unique presentation will move the customer from where they are now, to where you want them to be when they engage with you. Whether it’s through story-telling, object design, graphic design, interactive design, or imagery, our team helps drive engagement.

Brand Experience Design

Customers choose the businesses they support based on the experience they want to have and whether that brand delivers what they’re looking for – emotionally and physically. Image 4’s Experience Design methodology, honed over hundreds of identity projects (both virtual and physical), moves your customer from “consumer” to “advocate” through compelling, memorable, immersive experiences.

Count on Image 4 to help you not only discover Your Authentic Brand®, but also present, fabricate, and install every aspect of the final project. Learn more about our award-winning fabrication and activation services and take a look at our extensive portfolio across industries.

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Learn more about our award-winning fabrication and activation services and take a look at our extensive portfolio across industries.