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By Image4 Marketing, posted on March 11, 2021

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Bank Marketing that Improves the Customer Experience in Banking

Mobile bank app usage and online banking usage continues to gain importance in relation to in-person bank Branch traffic. This means that effective financial services marketing is about making sure Your Authentic Brand® meets your customer wherever they are. This could be on the Web or social media, through on-hold messaging, or even visiting your bank branch safely. Today’s bank marketing is about the convergence of the in-Branch Channel and your financial institution’s Digital Experience. In bank marketing or credit union marketing, the most important link between physical and digital is a consistent Brand voice.

Consistent and Authentic Financial Services Marketing

Successful credit union and community bank marketing includes:

  • powerful Brand positioning
  • low-friction Customer Experiences (both on-line and in-branch)
  • effective content marketing
  • consistent brand messaging between on-line and in-branch communication, advertising, and PR

Authentic Brands enjoy competitive advantage through the loyal support and advocacy of their customers, employees, board members and communities. Working closely with your bank marketing team, Image 4 helps discover and develop your Brand essence so your Brand can be presented with authenticity.


Omni-Channel Bank Marketing: Unifying the Customer Journey Across the Virtual and Real Worlds

Apps and the web are the new front porch to your institution. Successful institutions can begin conversations and transactions on-line, and seamlessly transfer them to the Branch channel if and when necessary (and vice versa). Bank marketing best-practices include a consistent brand message between these channels. Optimizing Bank and Credit Union marketing will deliver omni-channel integrated interactions in which Brand, experience design, and the quality of the interaction—whether physical or digital—create passionate customer advocates.

Image 4 helps you create, refine, and communicate your Brand powerfully, connect with customers where they are, and deliver high-value services easily and seamlessly.

Image 4 has been developing award-winning Customer Experiences in banking, both on-line and in-branch, for more than 25 years. We help you create not just Customers, but Brand Advocates.

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