By Image4 Marketing, posted on September 4, 2020

A great Brand is Present. How you make your presence known is the work of Image 4’s highly experienced Project Managers and Installers. Across the U.S. and western Europe, our team is ready to put your Brand in the right place and at the right time.

Project Management

Never blow your budget or miss a deadline. Our experienced project managers take care of everything from budget planning to program design, staffing, performance analysis and asset management. Services include:

  • Program Logistics
  • Budget Planning
  • Program Design and SOW
  • Project and Timeline Planning (GANTT, TOC)
  • Personnel Management
  • Program Review and Reconciliation
  • Asset Management Infrastructure


Museum-quality site installation craftsmen will take your project components from truck to completion in a variety of environments – Bank and Credit Union branches, corporate offices and campus, trade show and event sites, and more. Services include:

  • Trade Show Site Installation and Dismantling around the World
  • Casework, Cabinetry, Art and Low-voltage Lighting
  • Bank/Credit Union brand and merchandising elements
  • Retail shop turnkey setup
  • Graphic, signage and multi-media components
  • On-site supervising of other trades

Fulfillment and Storage

Store your marketing and merchandising assets with Image 4. Let our warehouse experts kit, assemble and ship your products to your next event or opening. Services include:

  • Asset Storage. Control your costs by storing assets close to where you’ll need them. Take advantage of our 30,000sf East Coast warehouse and our 20,000sf Las Vegas warehouse.
  • Asset Maintenance. Never worry about inspection, cleaning, repair and repacking of all your exhibit assets prior to a show – we’ll do that for you. We survey them for damage and issue a report showing potential issues and availability for the next event.
  • Kitting and Fulfillment. Get the right exhibit and graphics to the right reps, on-time, every time. Manage how many pens, squeeze-balls and brochures each rep uses for the event and know when you need to restock. Image 4 will pull and kit each of your event packages to your specification guaranteed, or you don’t pay for the service.
  • Event Suite Software: Asset Management Module. Simplify management of all your assets and collateral with our easy to use cloud-based portal. Upgrade to Image 4 Event Suite and manage personal travel and lodging, assign human resources to shows, and get a birds-eye view of your total event program demands and budgets.