By Image4 Marketing, posted on April 14, 2023

Bring Your Brand into the Real World

Immerse Your Constituents In Your Authentic Brand®

At Image 4, we conceive, design, and produce exciting, informative, 3D environments allowing your customers to immerse themselves in your brand in-person, in places they already visit: banks and credit unions, offices, retail shops, campuses, and at events and trade shows.

By bringing your brand into the physical world, you create unforgettable experiences and loyal customers who will choose you over the competition, again and again. Improve sales and create real brand advocates by taking a step out of our digital world and back into our physical world.

Build Your Custom Brand Experience

Image 4 can help you craft and build a variety of custom experiences. For businesses with a lot of in-store foot traffic (banks included), enhancing an onsite location may be the best way to engage your audience. For others, off-site events or pop-up shops might be best. Either way, we’ll help you make the most impact possible.

Elevate the Everyday

Bank and Credit Union Branches • Health and Wellness Centers

Corporate Offices, Museums, and Training Centers

Retail Shops • College and University Campuses

Experience Something Special

Exquisite Exhibits • Pop-up Retail • Beautiful Offices

History and Brand Displays

Celebrate the Season

Pop-up Shops • Out-of-home

Shine at Events

Trade Show Displays • Event Environments • Mobile and Sampling

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Get Support from Ideation Through Activation

We meet you where you are. Whether you have an established brand, or are starting from the ground up, our experts can provide support from ideation all the way through activation.

Brand Concepting

We’ll help you discover your voice, craft your brand persona, and make sure you have a strong name.


We’ll research audience demographics, analyze future trends, and account for technological and societal shifts.


We’ll design every component of your unique experience, from 2D to 3D.


We’ll conduct research, interview your audience, and build your story from the ground up.


We’ll print, fabricate, and source everything you need for your display.


We’ll manage your entire project from fulfillment and installation to storage and maintenance.

Already have a brand established? Great! Let’s leverage your existing brand, then take it a step further through research and trend analysis, then activate your experiential environment where and when your prospects and customers live to be sure we’re accounting for important shifts in the market.

Stand Out from the Crowd with Brand-Immersive Environments

In today’s highly digital landscape, in-person experiences are making a bigger impact than ever before. Connecting with your audience where they already are makes it easier for them to get to know you, deepening relationships and creating customers who not only stay loyal to your brand, but advocate for it.

Improve business outcomes, boost sales, and elevate your brand in the market with custom brand experiences built any way, anywhere.

We’ll Build Your Custom Brand Experience…

Any Way

Pop-up Retail
History Installations


In Your Space
In an Event or Retail Space
In Your Customer's Community

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Project Managers

Our team of experts has decades of experience in environmental and experiential design, strategic brand development, fabrication, installation, and more. In addition, every project is led by an experienced project manager who takes care of everything from budget planning to program design, staffing, performance analysis and asset management.

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