By Image4 Marketing, posted on September 4, 2020

Image 4 brings to the table the perspective of many markets, from Retail to Banking to Corporate marketing. This synergy and years of experience help us look at your challenges with fresh perspective and broad creativity.

Brand Discovery, Strategy and Engagement

Who are you? Why are you? What is your Unique Value?

Image 4 helps clients discover their Authentic Brand, the place where only Your Brand comes from and the voice in which it most powerfully speaks to prospects and customers. We consider your past, present, and future. Your competition – not just obvious competition, but future trends, technologies, and societal shifts.

Then, your team and ours collaborate to develop the Engagement Road Map – a clear series of actions to guide you in development and refinement of Your Authentic Brand®.

Brand Persona

How does your Brand “feel” to your constituents? Why should it evoke that particular feeling? How will customers experience your Brand?

Once you’ve discovered Your Authentic Brand®, it needs to come to life, to connect emotionally with your audience. Image 4 can work with you to give personality, voice, and presence to your Brand. The Brand Persona will act as a foundation for all future Brand Presentation, whether on social media, in advertisements, on-line, and in the physical world.


A name is a mystical thing. Great names have their roots in many places – community, geography, product features, emotions, data. To be successful, your name must be memorable, easy to say, and evoke the meaning behind Your Authentic Brand®. Even more so, names should open a connection with your audience. And today, if at all possible, it should be “ .com”.

Naming is never easy. Image 4’s practiced methodology and creative process will help your team coalesce around just the right answer to portray Your Authentic Brand®.