Architects and Designers, Welcome to the Age of Glass. Transparency, privacy, light, vision, bringing the outdoors into your space - all this can be accomplished when you design with Glass. Learn how Image 4 can help you create interior decor, office demise, walling and more. Learn the advantages of Gorilla Glass as an Architectural material. Visit our partners Corning and Elevecture in our joint showroom at 740 Broadway, NYC or call Image 4 at 800-735-1130


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We were talking “demand generation” with a client today…

Demand Generation. Sounds pretty simple, right? Take an action, generate a demand for you, your service, your company…it’s a basic tenet to marketing in the pursuit of sales. But what does that mean really? Our clients work with us to create sales through a platform we call a trade show exhibit, ... Read More

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