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By Image4 Marketing, posted on April 21, 2023

More than ever before, employers and employees are focusing on wellness – and how our built environments contribute to wellness. Sustainable design and construction practices are now embedded in our approach to construction, ensuring that we reduce our environmental footprint. But it’s vital to consider how spending time indoors impacts human health as well. Even with work from home trends, most of us spend more time at work than anywhere else.

This article from Work Design Magazine discusses how the ten core concepts of the WELL standard affect the human experience.

At Image 4, human experience is core to what we do. Our experience design experts work closely with architects, interior designers, and clients to ensure that designs enhance how people experience spaces, considering many of the elements of WELL:


Deliberate use of colors, textures, and lighting contribute greatly to how people feel within a space. Image 4’s design team understands how designs on a screen translate into the physical space.

Movement & Community

How people move through space and the ability to easily find what they need greatly impacts the overall user experience. Effective wayfinding, signage, use of color, other design elements, and visual focal points all help people move trough the space.


Acoustics are affected by more than just architectural materials. Brand elements and graphics can be created using materials that manage and reduce noise, as well as be integrated into acoustical systems, making your design both beautiful and functional.


Image 4 is focused on sustainability and wellness, and understands how to specify and work with materials that both reduce environmental footprint and enhance human health.


We specialize in creating unique, Branded spaces. That means more than just how you decorate the walls. We can help solve many complex design problems, with an eye to both form and function. We can help you ensure that any innovative technologies you bring to your space integrate seamlessly into your design.

At Image 4, our goal is to create Branded environments that are beautiful, functional, and sustainable, while supporting the overall wellbeing of those that use the space. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you design a space that promotes wellness and a positive human experience.

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