Ski NH Brand Immersive Event Environment Design

PROJECT: Brand Immersive Event Environment

SkiNH Carves a Fresh Look at New England Ski Show

SkiNH, the marketing arm for the ski areas of New Hampshire, asked their agency GYK Antler to create a fresh and differentiating presence for the annual Boston Ski Show. Eileen Krause, Creative Chief, commissioned Image 4 to engineer and fabricate the large-scale event set.


  • Experience Design
  • Fixture Design
  • Fabrication
  • Graphic Production
  • Event Services

Project Overview

New England’s friendly sports rivalries extend to the ski slopes – every year, New Hampshire and Vermont’s excellent ski slopes vie for visitors in the regional Boston Ski Show. SkiNH was looking to present an exciting, welcoming immersive environment in which to present their member’s properties.

Working with GYK Antler’s awesomely creative Elaine Krause, Image 4 brainstormed the visual and tactile experience that alluded to the apres-ski lifestyle. Visibility was crucial, so we designed a 20×20-foot “snow field” using hundreds of snowflake holiday ornaments suspended 14 feet in the air from a structural assembly.

In order to create Brand Immersion time, we created multiple “dwell” spaces using chairs made from discarded snowboards and skis. Image 4 fabricators converted a gas-fired outdoor fireplace into a faux firepit to deliver the perfect place to enjoy hot chocolate. Rattan lounge seats atop a brilliant white “carpet of snow” rounded out the 40×40 space.

GYK Antler created a master graphic art template to drive a unified look among the ski property participants, and Image 4 sold and rented portable trade show backwalls with associated graphics which were dispersed through the immersive environment.

The experience has been extremely successful in differentiating the New Hampshire brand from adjacent New England ski slopes.