Cirtronics Corporate Brand Development, Strategic Positioning, Channel Development, Trade Show Lead Development

PROJECT: Corporate Brand Development, Strategic Positioning, Channel Development, Trade Show Lead Development
CLIENT: Cirtronics

Discover and Present a Company’s Authentic Brand

40-year-old contract manufacturer Cirtronics had never developed a Brand presence, and asked Image 4 to help design a Brand and sales development program from the ground up.


  • Brand Exploration
  • Brand Strategy
  • Content Development
  • CRM Integration
  • Exhibit Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Fabrication
  • Event Services
  • Marketing Services

Project Overview

Over the course of a year, Image 4 executed a series of Brand Exploration workshops across Cirtronics’ constituencies. We then dove deep into the company’s values and successes, and helped build a strong value presentation.

From this foundation, we guided Cirtronics in recognizing their various customer’s “path to purchase”, helped identify milestones where content and communications would accelerate the decision, and worked with thee marketing team to develop prospect-specific content for these communications. The communications matrix was fleshed out by Cirtronics’ internal marketing department, and Image 4 developed a communications schedule via ZOHO CRM.

With a consistent communications program in place, Image 4 designers developed a visual catalog, photographing projects through the plant, and editing and tagging images aligned to each market vertical. Imagery and positioning was driven into a brand new 10x20foot tradeshow exhibit, and shows were chosen based on vertical market strengths and opportunities.

Image 4 designers created corporate iconography and developed a series of pre-show emails with specific language for each of three target project influencers. Large scale images, an AV tower with fresh video production, strong branding and at-show incentives helped attract the right visitors, and pre-scheduled appointments with Cirtronics product engineers helped uncover specific project opportunities at the show.

Working with the Stephanie Gronval, Marketing Director, Image 4 helped identify shows with prospects aligned to Cirtronics’ manufacturing strengths. Contact info was ported to Image 4’s Event Suite platform for immediate technical document fulfillment via emailed PDF, leading to a measurable increase in RFQ’s, initial design conversations, and engineering specification projects. In just the three years following their first show, Cirtronics has added 50% in gross revenue, and doubled their presence in a market previously unknown to them.