“Transaction Factories”: Branch Opportunity and Cost

By Image4 Marketing, posted on March 23, 2023

31% of customers who switched banks did so when a branch closed. While branch closure, combined with a focus on digital banking, is a popular cost-reduction strategy, there can be unforeseen consequences. This article from The Financial Brand outlines the risks associated with branch closure.

Our partner AccuBranch can help you understand the costs and opportunities within your branch network in order to make informed decisions on expansion, closure, and remodeling.

Once you have the data, Image 4 is here to help you with opening new locations or remodeling your existing locations to work better for you and your customers.

In partnership with Solidus and Studio S Architecture, Image 4 produced and installed the visual elements of this new branch for Cape Ann Savings Bank. The state-of-the-art branch was designed with an updated, refreshed Brand, and uses the latest technology and conveniences to attract new customers in a new, high-traffic business and residential development.

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