Bedford, NH: Image 4 Named Retail Brand Development Agency for Primary Bank Start Up

By Image 4, posted on July 1, 2015

Image 4 will provide an integrated program of creative content, brand and merchandising design and production to New Hampshire’s newest commercial bank.

“Primary Bank is launching in a tight market and has a unique value to be communicated” commented Jeff Baker, President of Image 4, “The environmental branding team at Image 4 is very excited to engage with Primary’s team in the foundational work to develop and present the value of this new brand”

Bill Greiner, Chairman of the Board of Primary Bank, commented, ““There aren’t as many banking options out there for small business owners. We are going to help meet their needs, so that they can grow and New Hampshire’s economy along with them. It’s an investment in local businesses as well as our state.”

About Primary Bank

Primary Bank is first new bank in New Hampshire in seven years. Primary Bank has exceeded its startup capital goal of $25 million by over $2 million. The Bank intends to offer loans in markets under $20 million.

Primary Bank will open for business on July 28 with a grand opening scheduled for July 31.

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