Run-over or Running Ahead? Where will your company be in 9 months?

By Jeff Baker, posted on May 26, 2020

Jeff Baker chairs Future Branches

We’ve just experienced a different Memorial Day weekend, and across the United States, communities are opening up and creating the “new normal”. For the immediately foreseeable future, we will, in some form, embrace a set of behaviors that allow a return to social and commercial interaction.

No matter how this evolves, I doubt there’s a businessperson among us who fails to understand the depth of the recession we are facing. Even with stimulus, phased-openings, and pent up demand, there are large sectors of our economy – both here and around the world – that will end up dramatically smaller.

So where will your company be in December?

Dead? Zombie on life support in a changing industry? Or running ahead in the marathon that will become the new normal?

In some cases, your company may have no alternative – for instance, retail is already shrinking dramatically, pressed between Amazon, Walmart and a general over-supply of product offerings in the face of an under-supply of disposable cash.

In the case of many of our clients, this is an opportunity to, yet again, re-invent. Across our client portfolio, we’re seeing great companies surveying the landscape. We are talking with them about brand value, market positioning, product strategy and distribution model adjustments.

One thing stands out to us: the companies with strong management teams have strong decision making processes.

We’ve seen both quick and slow decision-making, but in common, the decision process has been robust. Nearly all our clients are telling us “now is the time to be agile and decisive”.

Decision-making will be key to getting ready and surviving the recession. All sorts of incoming information will change, and some will be conflicting. The ability to absorb, assess and order information and then provide it to decision-makers is critical. And the ability of the decision-makers to evaluate, apply it to the situation and business model, and flesh out an action plan will determine if your company gets run over, or if you will be running ahead.

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Because now more than ever, companies who communicate and deliver the focused, appropriate experience to their prospects and customers will win this marathon. As always, It’s About the Experience.(TM)