The Evolution of Marketing – Discovering and Delivering Your Authentic Brand Online

By Jeff Baker, posted on December 16, 2020

Almost a year into what is at least the interim “new normal” for business, many of our clients have stabilized. They have used the time to redirect their sales and brand efforts and are actively planning for 2021. That’s the good news. The bad news is that, for a large segment of our clients (manufacturers especially), face-to-face marketing is far more effective at filling their pipelines than what is possible online and over Zoom. These are great companies who need help evolving.

Shifting the Function and Value of Marketing

For nearly a decade, Image 4 has helped our clients build Brand presence, create interest, drive traffic, and extend the conversation with customers and prospects – both online and face-to-face. Much of the work we accomplish is even more valid when your sales team can only meet via Zoom. Developing and presenting Your Authentic Brand, staying connected with your customers, and delivering differentiating, valuable content and images are crucial tasks that used to be primarily “sales” responsibilities, and now are heavily “marketing” responsibilities.

The function and value of Marketing has changed forever.

Image 4’s New Look

To highlight this evolution, and to more clearly present how Image 4 can help YOUR business evolve your sales/marketing functions, we’ve refocused, refreshed, and relaunched our website. The URL remains the same, but with a fresh look, a far more effective interface, simpler navigation, and visible, easy to find project sheets to help you think about Brand, marketing and sales in this new way.

Please visit the new Image 4 website to learn about our Brand-building and on-line marketing services and how integrating PR, content, targeted outreach, social media and thought leadership defines your Brand and aligns you with your prospects. Let us know how we can help your organization prosper through the current challenges and recovery in 2021.

My team and I wish all our readers a safe, healthy, blessed holiday season, and optimistically look forward to working with many of you in 2021.