Moving Forward with an Authentic Brand

By Jeff Baker, posted on October 28, 2020

Jeff Baker chairs Future Branches

This month’s newsletter and blog are all about Moving Forward.

All of the content is aimed at sharing insights from expert resources on how each of Image 4’s customer’s verticals are Moving Forward – gathering and parsing data, developing road maps to return to growth and taking advantage of developing opportunities.

From sales development via online tools to hybrid workplaces and curated retail experiences, industry changes that were already developing are accelerating. Even in our organization, we are changing course in six months to execute a plan originally scheduled for two years. And, as much as that makes for long days and sleepless nights for our clients and us, we see tremendous growth opportunities from the outcomes.

Two things that will not change, and on which we and our clients are laser-focused: Authentic Brands® will accelerate their growth through conversion of customers to Brand Advocates at a rate not seen prior; and every interaction with a customer will be About the Experience®.

Authentic Brands® are simple, focused, honest, and deliver values-aligned products and services to customers. It’s a simple framework that takes a lot of work to accomplish, and the Brands who are successful will be with us for years to come.

When your Brand delivers from the perspective of Customer Experience, you reduce friction everywhere – sales are simpler and faster, service is easier and more supportive of customer outcomes, product and service curation is accomplished through the lens of the Customer. Positive experiences build loyalty, and combined with Authenticity, are the formula for developing Brand Advocates.

From Brand discovery to Experience delivery, let us know your challenge. Image 4 has never been more ready to help you succeed.

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