Q1 Business is on the Fast Track

By Image 4, posted on February 21, 2020

Jeff Baker chairs Future Branches

As the winter reluctantly releases its hold on most of the US, the sales season is off to a fast and full start. From the giant CES to smaller regional shows and local sponsorship events, to new outlet builds, our clients are definitely committed to business development activities.

Already we are hearing some trends: more manufacturers are running at higher capacity and are struggling to fill open production staff positions. Financial service clients are deeply committed to an integrated customer development experience as evidenced by the right-sizing and adjusting of the branch networks, and the full-throttle integration of digital marketing and services. Most of our medical market and software clients are running at capacity for the third year in a row. Our retail clients are in flux – our powerful client brands are growing and putting shops into fresh markets, and some less-focused brands are struggling with same-store comps, staffing challenges and merchandise availability. Retail is not easy right now.

Overall, the business outlook seems to be one of tempered optimism in the face of a possible epidemic, some political uncertainty, and the ever-accelerating business cycles.

This means that we, as marketers and business development partners for our clients, need to work diligently to stay ahead of these trends. Image 4 is richly involved with our industry associations, and we both sponsor and actively participate in around 12 events per year. We market in the same way we guide our clients’ programs – we know the challenges, and we know how successful an integrated, focused program can be. Our growth of over 50% in the past two years reflects the outcomes of a multi-channel business development strategy.

From Brand positioning and presentation to content development to face-to-face customer presence, Image 4 can help you deliver your particular brand experience and grow your business. Because, as always, “It’s About The Experience”.

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