Updating the Office Environment For a New Era

By Image4 Marketing, posted on March 13, 2023

Workplace norms continue to shift. The potential “death of the office” has become a hot topic. This new report from Cushman & Wakefield Obsolescence Equals Opportunity highlights the potential upside for property owners and developers who are ready to meet the market demand for high-quality office spaces that can both provide a strong in-person experience as well as support hybrid work. Download the report here.

At Image 4, we’ve been working with our customers to re-define what an office can be, creating spaces that are not only functional for today’s work styles, but immerse employees in the organization’s Brand. Incorporating Brand elements in your space is key to building Brand Advocates and delivering unique experiences for employee satisfaction and company growth.

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Image 4 designed, fabricated, and installed this dimensional logo feature wall at Trail North FCU in Ticonderoga, NY. The wood silhouette is the shape of the mountains in the area. Made from acacia wood scraps left over from production of surfboards and ukuleles, the feature is both beautiful and sustainable. Incorporating Brand elements into the space immerses both employees and visitors in the Brand Experience.

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